Netflixシリーズ「忍びの家 House of Ninjas」

[Interview] Bambi Naka, whose eyebrowless Ninja visuals have a big im...

Since its release on Thursday, February 15, "House of Ninjas" has been ranked No. 1 in Netflix's weekly global top 10. In this completely original story about the last Shinobi (or Ninja) family living in the present day, Bambi Naka plays a strange Kunoichi (a Japanese cant term for “female Ninja”) who grabs the viewer's eye and doesn’t let go. We asked him about her appearance in this work, which is also attractive for her beautiful movements unique to dancers, and her efforts to do so.



ポケモンの完全新作ストップモーション・アニメーション、Netflix シリーズ「ポケモンコンシェルジュ」(世界独占配信中)より、コダックやピカチュウなど様々なポケモンたちが登場する本作の知られざる制作の裏側を明かしたメイキング映像が解禁となった。